Ketofy Cheese Nachos | Ultra Low Carb


  • 1g Net Carb per serving (5% NET CARBS)
  • 100% NATURAL

Ingredients: Water, Peanut, Flax Seed, Dehydrated Cheese (Low Carb), Watermelon Seed, Whey Protein, Sunflower Seed, Dehydrated Cheese (Low Carb), Himalayan Pink Salt, Natural Mango Extract, Black Pepper, Spray Dried Garlic powder, Onion Powder, Erythritol, Xanthan Gum, Vachellia Nilotica Gum, Red Pepper

Net Carbs: 5.3g, Protein: 14.9g, Dietary Fibre: 7.2g, Healthy Fats: 23.6g

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PERFECT KETO NACHOS: With just 1g Net Carbs per serving, here are some healthy nachos for your keto. Enjoy the goodness of cheese, crafted into crispy and crunchy Nachos with a scrumptious blend of natural spices, while staying in Ketosis. No wheat protein (gluten), no artificial isolates, no preservatives, no food colors, no soy, no added sugar, no hydrogenated oils, no xylitol, no sorbitol, no resistant dextrin, no sucralose, no maltitol.

100% NATURAL: 100% Vegan Cheese Keto Nachos are from all-natural ingredients like Watermelon Seed, Flax Seed, Peanut, Sunflower Seed, Xanthan Gum, Vachellia Nilotica Gum, Himalayan Pink Salt, Coconut, Ginger, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Dehydrated Cheese (Low Carb), Cumin Seed, Onion Powder, Natural Mango Extract, Spray Dried, and Garlic powder. Keto Cheese Nachos are ideal for people on a Keto Diet, Low Carb Diet, Gluten-Free Diet, Vegan Diet, Atkins Diet or on a General Healthy Diet Regime.

HOLISTIC NUTRITION: Cheese Keto Nachos from Ketofy are naturally high in protein and omega fats. Ketofy snacks are extremely low in glycemic index and the composition of ingredients helps in boosting overal lhealth.

SNACK INNOVATION: Ketofy – Cheese Keto Nachos are created with utmost care for Keto dieters. Our untiring research has yielded this amazingly tasteful and keto-friendly snack. Your snack time on the keto diet shouldn’t be sacrificed!

WORLD LEADERS Wellversed is the world leader of modern nutrition products for all kinds of dietary regimes. The aim of Wellversed is to enable dietary shift without the need for any behavior change.

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