Lo! Foods Low Carb Coated Peanuts


Lo! brings to you the traditional tasting coated peanuts, but with our own Low Carb coating. That way, you don’t need to now give up on an all time favorite and healthy snack that is high on protein.

Our peanut masala coating gives a zing to these peanuts that you won’t forget after the first bite!

You can have these if you are on a weight loss Keto (Ketogenic) diet, since one serving of the product is less than 4 gms net Carbs, keeping you well within your daily limit. Being low on carb also makes these diabetic friendly snacks.

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  • ONLY 1.6 GMS CARBS: Our famous Keto Snacks – Coated Peanuts is made from a special Superfoods seeds formulation that makes them ultra low carb, while keeping our keto food products as healthy snacks that are high on fibre and nutritious.
  • FORMULATED FOR KETO DIET – Lo! Keto food products have been tested using Blood and Urine Ketone meters by practitioners to show that you remain in Ketosis. This makes them perfect for a Keto Diet along with Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet and Vegan Diet; while keeping these Keto Snacks vegetarian.
  • AUTHENTIC FLAVORS, NO CHEMICALS: Namkeens are all about flavors. Our Keto namkeens brings the original flavors of the traditional namkeens, but in a healthy and low carb form. Perfect to have as Low Carb Snacks.
  • CRUNCHY AND TASTY: Our Keto Namkeen – Coated Peanuts, brings the same crunch, with no Maida or Chemicals; making them authentic and deeply satisfying.
  • CUSTOMER REVIEW: Shubhra Bhandari says “I have been searching for keto food products for weight loss. The Lo! Coated Peanuts is surprisingly authentic and good tasting, and takes care of my keto snacks food needs.

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